My Break-Up Letter

My Break-Up Letter

It was a great holiday fling.

It began so innocently at Thanksgiving. Just a simple glance. One quick touch. It was so satisfying. Intoxicating.

But it couldn’t stay simple and innocent. I thought that maybe I would only see you on the weekends. But I found myself thinking about you all the time. A quick meeting during the week became a daily thing. Then a couple of times a day. It became an addiction. I wanted more and more of you. Just to touch you. To taste you. To be with you.

Christmas with you was amazing. Having you in my hands seemed to make the holiday even better. I began to think that this could last a long time. Maybe we could make this work as a long term relationship. It didn’t seem like it was hurting anyone.

I need you so much but I don’t really think you need me . I found that my need to be with you was hurting me. I discovered that I can’t be my best when I’m with you.

So I have to break up, simple carbs. I stepped on that scale and realized we can’t really even be friends. Oh, I’m sure that I’ll drop in every now and then just to see how you are, but I realize you don’t think of me the way I think of you. I’m going to start seeing your less sexy cousin, complex carbs. I believe that’s a much better long term relationship for me.

But it was a great holiday fling.

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